Signs of a Guppy in Labor

Pregnant Guppy in Labor

It might be hard to spot a Guppy in labor since the signs may not be so obvious. The easiest methods might be to look for the darken and enlarged gravid spot but sometimes it might not be so obvious when you just got your Guppies or if you forgot how the gravid spot looked like previously. So how else can you tell that your Guppy is pregnant?

Guppy in Labor Symptoms:

If your female Guppy is showing two or more of these symptoms, chances are she’s in labor.

  1. Her belly gets bulkier and forms a more square-like shape. It’s easiest to tell apart from the ones that aren’t pregnant before feeding time. Otherwise Guppies that are full might get mistaken for being pregnant.
  2. Her gravid spot gets darker and larger, sometimes you’ll notice that it changes its shape. The Guppy’s gravid spot is usually black. If the Guppy is yellow or albino then it can be orange, or pink.
  3. Sitting in one place and not really swimming. Usually sits near a heater, a corner of the tank or hiding in plants or behind decorations trying to isolate herself.
  4. Gets really nervous when you come near her. Try giving it some hiding spots with plants or other aquarium decorations.
  5. Constantly flexes her spin so the tail comes up, it may look like she is shivering or swimming in one place. She’s having a contraction.
  6. Displays aggressive behavior like fin nipping and chasing when male tries to mate with her.
  7. Color starts to fade a little, it’s a natural camouflage instinct to blend it with their surrounding.

Guppy Gestation Period

The gestation period for Guppy’s usually last between 22 to 40 days. The female Guppy can give birth to anywhere between 20 to 200 fry per spawn. Try to feed your Guppy more quality food during their gestation period. The quality of the food you give them often directly reflects on the quality of fry’s you’ll end up with.

Most importantly, try to lower the pregnant Guppy’s stress level when she’s in labor by keeping the aquarium tank’s temperature a bit warmer, anywhere between 27-79°F (22-26°C). Keep the temperature consistent by installing a aquarium heater if you haven’t done so yet. Keep up with regular weekly maintenance to maintain your aquarium tank water quality to prevent any diseases and illnesses. A stressed out Guppy might cause them to give birth too early or later, miscarriage or sometimes even death.

If your Guppy still does not give birth even though her gestation period has passed, try raising the temperature by 4°F (2°C).

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