Guppy Fry Growth Stages

Juvenile Guppy Fish

Here are the different Guppy fry growth stages that you can expect. After your Guppy fry was born and you were able to rescue it before the adult Guppies were able to get to it. You’re probably wondering what’s next? If you give them adequate food and proper tank setup, you can expect fully matured Guppies within 2 months.

Fry Stage

Right after a Guppy fry is born, they’ll be scrambling to find places to hide. Some might hide under gravels or around live plants or artificial plants if you have any. They’ll only come out of hiding when they are hungry for food. If you don’t plan on letting your adult fishes eat most or all of your Fry then it would be a good idea to separate your them from your adult fishes by setting up another aquarium tank to place them in it.

A newborn guppy fry would be around 1/4 inches (0.6 cm) in length.

The first four weeks of a fry is when they should be given the most care and attention. They need good water quality so you should be doing weekly water changes. Otherwise they’ll catch diseases easily since they have a weak immune system at this point. They should be fed four to five small meals everyday to allow them to grow up faster. Their light should also be on for 8-12 hours every day to help their spine grow. Make sure you don’t leave it longer than 14 hours otherwise they might not be able to get the sleep they need.

Juvenile Stage

By between 1-2 months, your Guppy fry should have reached their juvenile stage. By the 4th week, you can now determine the sex of your Guppy. The male Guppies should be easily identifiable by their gonopodium. The female Guppies would be identifiable by their gravid spot near their anal tail. The male’s Guppy’s color will also start to show.

Teen Stage

By the 6th week, your Guppy is now sexual active. If you don’t want more Guppy fry, you should have a plan to separate them at this time to control breeding. Otherwise they’ll start multiplying and you’ll end up with multiple tanks.

Once your fry have reaches 6-8 weeks old, they will be large enough to be placed back into your main tank without being eaten. As long as they are bigger than an adult Guppy’s mouth or any fish’s mouth they won’t get eaten.

After 6th week to 6th month, without proper nutrition and lighting, the Guppies may develop deformities.

Adult Stage

After 6 months, the Guppy should be fully grown by now and considered as an adult. The Guppy will continue to grow but their growth rate is relatively slow in comparison to before


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